Can't select the created execution profile

I need some help about execution profile. I can’t select my created profile from drop down menu. I use Katalon Studio 7.8.0. and Gitlab. This is, what I did:

  • I created a new branch (feature/login) from develop branch
  • I created a new execution profile (develop).
  • I created some test cases, a test suite after that I committed to Gitlab.
  • I merged the feature branch to develop branch on Gitlab
  • I changed the branch back to develop and pull it
  • I created a new branch (feature/logout)
  • I set develop profile to default
    Now I can’t select develop profile. What should I do to see the develop profile in dropdown?

It’s solved. I forgot the most important thing in IT: restart the program! This is the key (in this case). :slight_smile:

Sometimes you have to saveAll and refresh project to see changes