[Profiles] Set up <defaultProfile>


Is there anyway that I can update value of defaultProfile to true or false?
Currently, after updated this value and clicked Save, the value will automatically reback to the old one.
Looks like we cannot update it.
Can someone advise something?


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In Katalon Studio GUI, upper right, you will find a button labeled with Execution Profile name:

If you select one, then the XML will be updated by Katalon Studio to reflect your choice.

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Thanks, Kazurayam.

I understand that we can change the profile from that part.
And also, although I changed profile to a new one but the tag’s value is still keeping the old value.

With Katalon v.5.10.1, every time we open Katalon, “default” profile will be selected as default.
My expectation is that I am able to set “develop” or “product” as my default profile everytime I open my project.

I thought that I can update value of “defaultProfile” tag to resolve that.
But Katalon doesn’t allow user for changing this tag’s value.
Then still looking for another way…

Oh, I haven’t checked this. May be I was wrong.

You can retrieve the name of Execution Profile, which is currently selected runtime, by calling RunConfiguration.getExecutionProfile()


Hi @Katehtk

It is true that Katalon Studio currently selects “Default” profile on every new open, and that modifying the tag Default won’t solve your problem. This is a current limitation.

We have noted this in our backlog and will consider it in upcoming releases.
Here’s the issue: https://github.com/katalon-studio/katalon-studio/issues/60
Thank you for your feedback.

Have a nice day !


Thank you all!

Not sure how old this post is. Was the ability to set a profile other than the default one implemented?

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Yes, just right-click the “Profiles” label in the left menu and create a new profile.

Yeah, I can create a new profile (“mlucia”). I just want to set it as a default profile instead of running test cases with the “default” one.

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If it allows us to select a default profile through this means, I guess I have to edit this value with a text editor rather than on Katalon. You still need to keep the default profile in Profiles folder because Katalon will ask for it by default.

Hello. Go to the Profiles folder in your project and open the "default.glbl"file. Set the “defaultProfile” tag to false. After this, open your Profile file and set the “defaultProfile” tag to true. Open the project

So far, it works editing with Text Editor outside.

Hi everyone

Katalon Studio allows setting a default execution profile at project level in version 7.4.2. You can download version 7.4.2 here and learn more about how to do that.