Execution profile not visible when i change the checkout branch

Hello all,
I have to work in different branch of git in the same project. When i change the checkout branch i dont see the execution profile. How can i use same execution profile in different branches.


Hello there,
So the problem you encounter is that you work on project A, and use Katalon Recorder to test. When you check out to another branch of project A, you cannot find your execution profile in the “Profiles” section (a.k.a Global variables). Is that what you are trying to say?

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Yes, that’s correct. We are working on 3 phases in our project, we pushed phase 1 to main branch in github. now when i change my checkout branch from main to phase 2, i dont see the execution profile.

Please provide us more detailed info.

  1. please tell us the name of git branches — possibly main, phase2 and phase3 — right?
  2. please tell us how many Execution Profiles you have; how they are named — for example EX1 and EX2
  3. Do all branches have the same set of Execution Profiles, or different? — for example the main branch has the Execution Profile EX1 but does not have EX2, while the phase2 branch does not have the EX1 but has EX2.
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  1. main and phase 2
  2. Date Picker and Default
  3. Yes, all branches should use same execution profile i.e, ‘Date Picker’

Hmm, have you tried to save the profiles before switching between branches (the section in the screenshot)?

Once you showed you are using Katalon Studio:

Now you wrote you are using Katalon Recorder.

Which is right?

Hello @smitha.j,

Can you confirm which one you are using, Katalon Recorder or Katalon Studio?

I am using Katalon Studio.