Cannot able to recognize real ios device in katalon studio

Hello Team,I have did setup of katalon for ios.
I have used below versions
Mac OS:10.14.5
Katalon : 6.2.0
Xcode : 10.2.1
Appium :1.12.1
IOS: 12X

Katalon cannot able to detect real device.

I have tried it on simulator so i can able to install app on simulator but cannot able to open it.

Can anyone help how to resolve this issues

I have similar issue. I had Katalon 5.4 where real devices were recognized but test could be run due Xcode version. Consequently I updated Katalon Studio version to 6.2 and now my real devices are not recognized anymore and I am not able to launch the App on simulator neither.

MacOS: 10.13.6 (High Sierra)
Xcode: 10.1
iOS: 10.3.1
NodeJS: 18.1.1
Appium: 1.8.1
Katalon: 6.2.0
Carthage: 0.33
iOS-webkit-debug-proxy: 1.8.4
Libimobiledevice: 1.2.0

The device is recognized by Xcode and also with the terminal.