Not able to see ios real device

I have built the webDriver agent successfully on Katalon studio and on Xcode . but not seeing ios real device in katalon studio .
Versions :slight_smile:
Appium - 1.22.3
Xcode - 15
katalon studio - 8.6.8
Node - v16.9.1

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@pruthvi.gowda Have you installed all iOS dependencies? Are you able to see Simulators created in xCode?

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I have installed all the ios dependencies . i can see both simulators and real device in xcode . but in katalon i can see only simulators .

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Hi @pruthvi.gowda, :wave:

Maybe you can check out the topics below from our Product Support team …

Let us know if this helps.

Thanks :+1:

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attaching Screenshots on installing Webdriver agent and dependencies


Thanks for your help , it worked .

Encountered with the below error , when we installing all the dependencies through Katalon , why do we get this ? Could you help me with this .


Hi Can you please help me here ?

Hi @Elly_Tran,

Could you help to take a look at the error that @pruthvi.gowda is facing? Thanks em

Hi @pruthvi.gowda,

Another with me have been discussed a similar issue over this thread, you can follow up with that. Moreover, I recommend this guide to set up iOS devices successfully. Thank you!