Can you start an existing application on an Android device using appium 2.0 with a built in keyword

We have to use appium version 2.0 and remote execution to utilize some of the newer drivers/fixes and I am having trouble starting an existing application on an Android device. On iOS I can just use the startApplication mobile keyword and replace the path string with the bundleId but this doesn’t seem to work on Android (I have not seen the startExisitingApplication work with appium 2.0). I get this appium error:

Original error: The application at '' does not exist or is not accessible

With the same desired capabilities I can start the application with this command but it requires manually reading the desired capabilities into a variable every test run:

AppiumDriverManager.createMobileDriver(MobileDriverType.ANDROID_DRIVER, capabilities, new URL("http://localhost:4723"))

It seems that with startApplication Katalon Studio is looking for the apk at the location specified in the string. If I leave the string blank I will still get an error. Is there a way to use a built in keyword to start the android mobile application with appium 2.0 without specifying an apk path and using the appPackage/appActivity desired capabilities instead?

hi @kreno ,
you can download KS 8.5.4.alpha this is PoC to run Appium v2 on KS and please follow the documentation to test mobile with Appium v2

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@duc.tnguyen Thanks for your reply here. I will take a look at it and see if I run into any issues

It looks like I am able to running appium v2 with KS 8.5.4.alpha to launch existing apps and .apks on android for both the xcuitest driver and the uiautomator2 driver.

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Hi @kreno,

We are delighted to inform you that Katalon Studio version 9.1.0 has just been released which also brings support for Appium 2.x. You can learn more in our announcement topic below: :point_down:

We will also proceed to close up this topic. Should you encounter any bug whilst using KS 9.1.0, or have any other questions, feel free to create a topic in Bugs Report or Katalon Studio

Thanks, :sunglasses:
Albert from Katalon Community team

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