Can you hide "Job Progress" tab ? for good?

Simple as that: I spend most of my time writing and debugging testcases and what I really care is the console output, so the “Job progress”, inconveniently, always pops and gets in the way of the editor.
We have implemented CICD in my workplace so, really, not be using the gui to look at results.

What happens if you tear it off and close it?

I don’t want to try it myself - but that’s what I do with the Healing tab at the bottom.

Word of warning though - the delete button does allow you to clean up memory (a bit).

Okay, I tried it. It works.

Use Window > Reset Perspective to bring it back.

Oooohhhh that was a good one. I never thought of tearing it off of the IDE and closing it. That helps a LOT !
I was always hitting “restore” then “minimize” on that but it always came back when I kicked off the test again but tearing it out did the trick; at least for this session I open so it should be much less annoying even if I have to repeat that again if I restart the IDE.
Yeah, I messed up with those minimize, moved things around then the only way to restore to an initial state was to reset the perspective.
Thank you !

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