Can I create a package in a keyword package?

can I create a package in a keyword package?


@“Liam B” I want to manage my keyword base on the structure, so I need to create a root package named “visual resource”,then in the root package I need to create two package named “visual list” and “play list”.

@“Liam B” this is also something that we are interested in… we would like to organize our packages to follow the same hierarchy structure that our object repository has (folder hierarchy)


for the solution

@kazurayam I think they meant “Java package (namespace)”.

Regarding the original questions you can organize your classes in a hierarchical structure. Keywords are essentially Java/Groovy classes.

Ah, yes. I was out of the point.

Any update on this case. It is really annoing I can not organize keywords in a tree to mach resources structure :frowning: