The chrome automation script is not clicking , while it was working perfectly a few weeks ago

Hello Everyone. I have an issue with the chrome script. It is not clicking on the buttons. Sometimes it is unable to click the first button, sometimes the 4th. It’s quite random. If I try with smaller datafiles it works until 10 or 12 lines. The console keeps ongoing and in the end it says unable to click.

But the same script is working perfectly in Firefox with the same datafiles. And also the chrome used to work before but when I tried after a few weeks it is not clicking. I haven’t change anything.

I will really appreciate your help.

Here is the screenshot of the console. It keeps looping for nearly an hour.

It’s hard to help here. I understand you are having trouble clicking on buttons but your log doesn’t show anything about clicking anything. :confused:

Read this post and try to post back with more information:

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Thank you for replying. I appreciate your effort. Sure I will follow the link. I am really getting hard time to resolve this issue.

in the image it says ‘element not traceable’ the reason could be -

  1. wrong xpath
  2. you can try WebUI.enhancedClick instead of
  3. you can try Double click
  4. check if the element you are trying to click has a java script onkeypress property or not.
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