Bug with Global Variables in 5.9.0

Been using the latest build of KAR and enjoying the updated UI (even though I still have performance issues).

Been struggling though with GlobalVariables in some scripts of mine though since the update. Whilst I’ve applied, and even attempted to re-apply my Default Profile to an existing KAR script, and it shows up in the related Variables tab, when I go to execute the script, its not actually parsing the correct value (with it seemingly just passing the actual variable name, not the variable’s value).

When I went into my Profile to add it again, I noticed in the Values dropdown that it listed one of the global variable names twice (even though its only listed once in the UI).

Likewise, when I am on the Profile page when I select one variable name, the text input field shows the name for the other, and vice versa.

It doesn’t happen with all values, but this has seemed to have broken global variables for me. I even attempted to duplicate the script to see if I could ‘fix’ it, but this had no affect.

2022-07-04_15-23-11 (1)

Could you please take a look and help this user? Thank you.

@ThanhTo Any thoughts on this issue, please? :slight_smile:

@vu.tran Is it possible to get someone at Katalon to take a look at this, please? :slight_smile:

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Hi @guy.mason thank you for sharing this. Let me work with the internal team.


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Been doing some additional script creation over the last week or so, and using CSV files a fair bit, and the issue surfaced there. It appears almost like a caching issue. I discovered in one case, that by deleting the line in a script that is using a global variable and then adding it in again, it ‘fixed’ it using the old value. Even within the Log you can see it trying to use an old value. It’s obviously pulling the old value from somewhere, but it’s not visible in the UI.

Hi @vu.tran just wondered if there were any updates with the internal term on this? I can reproduce this consistently, even with fresh installs of KAR in Chrome (latest) on macOS.

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As it’s now over a quarter of a year later since my last message, and it still happens, would still appreciate a response @vu.tran :slight_smile:

Hi @guy.mason, I’m sorry for my late response. I checked internally and as shared earlier this year, we are concentrating our effort to develop the Katalon Platform which will also include the experience of Katalon Recorder to our users. Therefore, KR is receiving limited resources to support users. We are planning to tackle this and I will have a timeline update for you once it’s confirmed.

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