BrowserStack: Name and Build in Config

I was able to se my Desired Capabilities for WebUI under Remote and got it hooked up to Browser Stack. However, for each test in my suite, the build name and session name are the same. Is there a way to change the value in the property name under remote to change on the name of the test running?

Hi @David_Vasquez,

From the Katalon 7.0.0, the way to set remote capability at runtime is to use

RunConfiguration.setDriverPreferencesProperty("Remote", <name>, <value>)

And it can be used to set the test suite name at the run-time like below:

RunConfiguration.setDriverPreferencesProperty("Remote", "name", "My Test Suite")

You could put it in the setUp() listener of your test suite script.

Thanks @thongnmtran!

I was able to set the RunConfiguration in a listener instead to dynamically output the name of the build and each test name. I also ran RunConfiguration.setWebDriverProperty() instead. This worked for me.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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