Remote capabilities

Is it possible to pass a variable into the capabilities for a remote connection?
For example browserstack supports ‘name’ which can contain a string. I want to populate this with the test case name to make debugging easier. However I am unable to dynamically set this value using Katalon’s remote execution helper. Any help would be appreciated

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Hi @Joe_Batt

Katalon Studio doesn’t support variable (global or local) in the capabilities. Is this feature a blocker for your work ? Can you find a work-around ?

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Thanks for your response @ThanhTo

It isnt a blocker as such but will make it harder to review any failed tests as I will have multiple (300ish) sessions in browserstack and not know which one relates to the failed test as all the session are not uniquely identifiable. I do take screen shots of the failed test case which filters through to analytics and use some custom logging but being able to review a video of the full test case running would be very helpful.

Would you know if this is a feature others have requested and potentially something that could be added in the future?


I had recently submitted a similar feature request to this problem, but so far unfortunately have received no response from the Katalon team, see here: Test Suite Collections don't seem to send the names of executed Test Suites to a Selenium Grid. Of course, such a dynamic solution, as suggested by you, would be my favorite, but it should be much easier at least to implement the fields provided by the Selenium Grid interface with the usual values.

I have actually found a fix to this by using the RunConfiguration.setWebDriverPreferencesProperty in the hooks class I have been able to dynamically pass in value for test suite (testSuiteContext.getTestSuiteId()) and test case (testCaseContext.getTestCaseId())

Hi Joe.

Could you please share exact what you did to get testcase name in browser stack