Test Suite / session name ignored by Katalon 7.0 with Browserstack

In Katalon v. 6.1.4 the “name” driver capability was working - we use it to display the test suite name in Browserstack.
In Katalon v 7.0.10 the test suite name is not displayed on Browserstack anymore.
I tried “name”, “sessionName”, and CapabilityType.APPLICATION_NAME - all in vain, e.g.

@SetUp(skipped = false)
def setUp() {
RunConfiguration.setWebDriverPreferencesProperty(“name”, “my test suite”)

The preference setting of the “name” property was witnessed by the openBrowser() command in the test report in Katalon 6.1.4,
but the setting, although performed in the same way, is missing in the openBrowser() command as reported by Katalon 7.0.10 .