Broken link to 'automatically-update-webdriver'

As Goole search by “Katalon WebDriver auto update” tells me, the following URL was once published. But it is no longer available.

Where is the official documentation about “Automatically updating WebDriver”?

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Hello Kazurayam

I’ve just fixed the link. Unfortunately, automatically updating WebDriver is no longer supported in Katalon Studio.

Thanks for your post.


Really? I did not know it. Would you kindly point me to any published announcement?

I am using ver 7.2.1 and it has Tools>Update WebDrivers menu. It seems working. To me, this menu seems to be a tool automatic enough.

I am wondering what “automatically” means here.


Just to clarify, you still can update WebDriver: from the main toolbar, select Tools > Update WebDrivers > , then select a browser in the drop-down list.