Katalon Studio Recorder is not possible to capture after login page

Dear Katalon team,

I did use Katalon Studio Recorder when capturing screen of my web application. My web app is only possible to run on IE browser due to some compatibility issues.
At the login page, Recorder still can capture everything including actions, objects and highlighting the web elements. After logging in, Recorder only can highlight the web elements of the new page while record actions and objects are totally missed out.
In addition, this issue only occurs when I record using IE browser. For the Firefox/Chrome, it can record perfectly without missing out any actions.
I would like to state the system information and attach my log file your your kind reference.

Operating System
Win7- 64bit

Katalon Studio Version
(tried with both Katalon_Studio_Windows_64-7.0.0)

** Browser and Browser version
IE 11.0.9600.17843

Kindly help to investigate the issue.
Thank you so much.

katalonLog.txt (53.2 KB)

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