Better JUnit test report

as tester i have data driven test that is executed in test suite 155 times.
test fails 5 times - these are errors that needs to be reported
test passes 150 times.
i have successfully running BAMBOO CI/CD chain setup with Katalon docker image.
as last step i gather report and try to parse it as JUnit.
i see following in report:

from what i read here:
i understand that bamboo parser looks for some values and process them. is seems (not able to confirm) that since name of test is same for each run, parser takes 1st good and 1st failed and does not care about rest.
will it be possible to instead of

<testcase name="Test Cases/connection_denodo" classname="Test Cases/connection_denodo" status="PASSED">

add suffix in form - execution:TotalExecutions to testcase name so it will become unique in report

<testcase name="Test Cases/connection_denodo_011:155" classname="Test Cases/connection_denodo" status="PASSED">

This will add readability to all reports automatically sended by bamboo build chain

Thank you for consideration