Best way to contact Sales/Customer Support?

My biggest issue I have with this platform is getting ahold of someone from Katalon when you need them. It’s painfully slow, I have gone weeks without responses. Opened a 2nd request under a different email (alias so same inbox) and they respond in a day.

I need to get ahold of someone in sales to purchase a 2nd license, but they are not responding.

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May is who I have been email with, but its been crickets (silent) for 2 days.

Hi @shahin.fard

I just checked with May and it seems like she replied you. Please check the inbox.

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I go thru the same thing - I mean my company literally wants to give them the business - but it’s like a ghost business team or just terrible business model. Nobody responds or cares. Then I also gotten response that “We are busy with high-volume clients” - basically, telling you, your business doesn’t matter.
I mean how do you plan to hit revenue or make money if this is the way you do business? SMH

So emailing may directly has been much better, still slow to respond. But I believe that is because of a timezone difference. I found that if I am emailing late at night, I get pretty quick responses from her.

@ThanhTo Isn’t there an office in Georgia US? Can’t they be used to offset the 12 hour difference?

I have the exact same problem; but the difference is I’ve been waiting over 2 weeks for a reply, after multiple attempts to acquire licenses (with some questions I have) and nothing, not even a simple reply to say someone will be in touch with me.

I bet you can ask the questions on the forum and many people can answer/help you… Have you tried to email May directly? It was much faster than sending to the business development email, and than sending through the website…

Seriously. We still deciding to give Katalon a chance because I actually like it better than TestComplete. But there is absolutely no support from Katalon business team. We want to get like 2 runtime and IDE licenses but have no clue how to set it up - there is nobody assisting us to make this transaction smooth.
I don’t understand the business practices… and there’s like literally one person “May” that responds when she wants to…
In the beginning, I was asking for a demo from katalon team to show to our leaders and CTO - NOTHING.

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@ashraf.madina have you taken a look at the documentation for the KRE license? I have set up a few of these as “Agents” to run from Test Ops, it’s pretty slick and very easy.

Test Ops Remote Agent Set Up

KRE Set Up if you are not running via Test Ops