Best approach to update Katalon Studio offline?

Hi there,
what is the best approach to update Katalon Studio offline?
Because of firewall-restrictions we are not able to use the auto-updater.
So I wonder if its suggested to install/unzip the new version into the existing folder (overwrite existing files).
Or is it better to do a clean install into a new folder?
I think in both cases we have to recreate our Katlon Studio preferences and additionally exchange the chrome-driver (we need an older version).
Are there other advantages/disadvantages?


Hi Uli,

ever got an answer or solution to this topic?

Unfortunately no. We are actually installing new versions in new directories. With the disadvantage that we must recreate some preferences/drivers each time and a new activation is necessary.
But so we have, in case of problems with the new version, still a functioning version.

@Uli_Krause i do the same, allways clean, allways keep one-two known to work versions. katalon is rapidly changing … and sometime some stuff may go wrong. better to have a backup plan than just moving forward and trying to explain to bussines manager ‘sorry boss,i just hit the update button and now our project is lost’

So then I’ll follow the herd :wink:
Thanks for the responses