Why has the way to update KS changed?

why has the way to update changed to having to download and install instead of using in app update?

Why a, I being asked to re-verify my acct when i download update. I do not want to mess up my current environment. Do we just install over current app?? Please go back to old method of updating!

My advice, for what it’s worth:

  1. Close Katalon.

  2. Keep your old version of Katalon right where it is.

  3. Download Katalon from Github
      - https://github.com/katalon-studio/katalon-studio/releases

  4. Unzip and run.

By keeping your old version intact (at least for a short while) you have something to fall back on if there is a problem.

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Plus you can reuse the Preferences configurations by importing them. See this guide.


@Jass since you are a katalon developer, i will suggest to suggest to the katalon dev team to obliterate the ‘upgrade’ feature in the gui. It’s only creates more problem than it solves.
Just saying…

L. E: or create a sane installer, expect more bugs on it. It’s your call

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This is a timely reminder that my Katalon downloads folder needs a spring clean :grin:


Thanks for the help everyone :+1: