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The path to this configuration section is really Preferences > Katalon > Proxy


@Enrique_Castilla Thank you for your feed back. The document will be updated soon.


Change Proxy is useful to Function-RUN, but it does not take effect for Function(Record Web).
My Ubuntu OS: Ubuntu 16.04


I’m using Katalon Studio versions 6.1.5 and 6.2.1 on Windows 7 and found the same problem in both versions.
If the proxy is configured as “Use system proxy configuration” whenever I lunch a test case (or suite) it takes several long minutes before the test starts. After this delay everything works ok, I mean Katalon Studio seems to be using the system proxy configuration and has no problem to reach URLs through the proxy.

To solve it I just configure the proxy at Window->Katalon Studio Preferences->Katalon->Proxy as “Manual Proxy configuration” and the delay disappears.

However, if I configure the proxy as “Manual Proxy configuration” from the product activation dialog, this workaround doesn’t work
The delay happens even when there is no need to use the proxy because all the URLs are from the Intranet.


It would be really essential that we could have an additional field called “proxy host exception”

I have a dilemn :
When I configure proxy, katalon analytics and plugin are working great, but test cases on internal network are failing.
And when I inactivate proxy configuration, analytics and plugins are unreachable, but my internal network test case is a success …

if I could add my internal adresses in an exception list, I would have no more problem.

You may add an input as in Jenkins configuration for example (field “no proxy host”):

for information, a bug has already been open for that :


I reported an issue on Github, as this important features seems to affect a lot of people in companies,
where intranet applications are tested, but internet access is only possible via proxy.

Please see here: