Background Processes

I am seeing a load of background processes that remain in memory that are from ‘Stopped’ tests and then the browser closed.
Is there a better way to stop these background processes besides using Task Manager or rebooting the server? It is affecting the tests as the next time I run a test script the web browser seems to become slower.


Using Katalon Studio 5.2.0 Build 1
On Windows Server 2016 64bit


I created a “Kill Chrome Driver.bat” with the following contents:

taskkill /f /im chromedriver.exe

I see this as a serious defect.

Both chromedriver.exe and chrome.exe need to be closed after a test is terminated using Chrome. If Firefox is used, geckodriver.exe and firefox.exe needs to be closed as well.

If you’re debugging a test where it fails abruptly several times or if you’re running a schedule task on the command line, this will really slow down the server over time.

Using taskkill is an ok workaround but you have to be careful when doing this on the server.

Recommend fixing this to ensure Katalon cleans up after the terminations.

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Suggested requirements:
If a user ((test case/suite stops on failure) or (is manually stopped) ) and (“Terminate drivers after each test case (or suite)” is checked), then terminate the drivers and browser.exe.

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Seeing this also. I’m now in the habit of just restarting my laptop once in a while to get rid of all those processes… (chromedriver.exe)

Looks to me it’s still a problem with 5.7.1 and firefox(headless). Any solution/fix so far?

I think this is a critical challenge that needs to be adressed. If Katalon needs to be a scalable solution run on multiple servers running 24/7, then this will be an issue.
@Trong Bui worth including in the next release?

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Hello, is there any solution regarding what is indicated in this thread of the forum?


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100% agreed. Experiencing the same thing here over several releases. I can’t believe this has not been resolved yet being such a pervasive issue.
Running a taskkill script should not be necessary; It is a blunt instrument at best. If Katalon won’t clean up lingering processes, the devs should at least throw us a bone with updated docs to deal with this.