Kill Process (PID) after tests execution

After execution of testsuites browser has been closed but the process (chromedriver.exe) was not killed. It might consume memory & leads to poor performance of system if there are mulithreads being running behind

I am executing test suite collection in Parallel using Chrom browser. One Chromedriver.exe has been killed but other is still running. I haven’t used closebrowser keyword since it itself closing browsers after execution. Anyway I’ll crosscheck again


Do you try use kill process like Selenium?

Hi there,

My chromedriver.exe is terminated when I call ‘Close Browser’ step. Please double check again if your browser is closed completely or not, or there are multiple chromedriver instances on your side

If you want to terminate chromedriver.exe anytime after execution, you can check on ‘Terminate Drivers’ option from Window -> Katalon Studio Preferences -> Katalon


I am trying to kill or terminate the document.However having problem obtaining the document controller or document window…Any syntax is greatly appreciated in java or groovy.

refer below link for the solution

if you want to kill any other .exe from the process >> add one more line with .exe name into the custom keyword.
Runtime.getRuntime().exec(“taskkill /im excel.exe /f”)

I have multiple katalon.exe, chromedriver.exe and cmd.exe instances. How can I tell which one is the one being executed?

I.e. how can I get the PID from Katalon?


will give me the PID of the javaw.exe process.

But how do I get the katalon and cmd processes linked to it?