Azure DevOps Extension - Only first task within an Azure pipeline runs succesfully (the rest have an additional /bin added to ksProjectPath)

When using the Katalon Azure DevOps extension, and creating a pipeline with multiple Katalon tasks, only the first task runs successfully. The remaining tests error, it seems because an additional /bin is added to the ksProjectPath for each subsequent run. For example…

Task 1 ksProjectPath: C:/agent-1/_work/1/s/Testing.Katalon.prj
Task 2 ksProjectPath: C:/agent-1/_work/1/s/bin/Testing.Katalon.prj
Task 3 ksProjectPath: C:/agent-1/_work/1/s/bin/bin/Testing.Katalon.prj
Task 4 ksProjectPath: C:/agent-1/_work/1/s/bin/bin/bin/Testing.Katalon.prj
Task 5 ksProjectPath: C:/agent-1/_work/1/s/bin/bin/bin/bin/Testing.Katalon.prj

Please can this be investigated to see if it is an issue with the DevOps extension, or Katalon related?


Katalon Studio Runtime Engine doesn’t support to run multiple tasks for a single project at this moment. You should clone your project to another folder.

Thanks Duyluong, just so we’re clear, this is about how many Katalon tasks I can configure in the same Azure pipeline (I just wanted to check, as you refer to a ‘single project’, but this is more about the Azure side using the Katalon extension).

If we’re talking about the same thing, are there any plans to overcome this limitation in the future?