Ask Katalon Anything - Sep 6 to Sep 22, 2023 💬

Hi @xuan.tran,
I am using KRE 7.2.1 for executing some test cases in one of my Test suites in Katalon studio project on the same machine. There since each of the Test case needs some data set up before execution we need to work on few mins on data set up for each of the TCs. And if for some reason any test case fails, the data set up has to be done again from scratch for it.
So in case of failure of a TC in a suite, all subsequent TCs should not be executed or skipped so as to investigate the failure and also to avoid corrupting the test data by NOT executing subsequent TCs unnecessarily. I tried a feature of MaxFailedTCs argument in KRE v8.5 as well, but does not help in my case.

In event of failure, i was trying to kill the Katalonc.exe, but even after doing it, it keeps launching subsequent TCs in suite as per the sequence. I want to manually terminate the KatalonC.exe in case i observe some TCs failed.

How can i do it or is there any way, please help me.