***as a question*** Unable to open the file in Katalon Studio but it able to find the file in file explorer

In my gitlab master branch has latest changes of the code and I do the pull from Gitlab to my Katalon Studio .

In the file explorer , able to see the the test case inside it .


But when open in Katalon Studio , I am not able to see the test case


Anyone faced this issues and any solution to solve it ?



The images are not visible. Please show them.

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Pleas provide some more details to solve the issues



Katalon Studio Image

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Could you open the Create Item - General type.tc file, take a screenshot and share it here?

I have a doubt that the *.tc file might be a fake.

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Bundle Test Case

Other test case able to open

General type.tc in File Explorer + Text editor, please.

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I guess, you got a git merge conflict over the General type.tc file. Due to a merge conflict, the file has been changed by git command. The file is not a well-formed XML now. Thefore Katalon GUI can not recognise the “General type” as a valid Test Case, so it does not display it. You need to fix the merge conflict first.


Yes , correct. I realize the file has merged with some unknown script already . Now I remove and tidy it , it able to open . thanks everyone for help