API with Multiple URL

I have an API , I need to check multiple url ,
How can I add list of url in test case and test suit
Individually it is working fine


1.create a excel file and add all the URL’s you have in row-wise
2.create a test case with a loop to and fetch the values from the excel file in a row-wise and and assign it to a variable
3. assign the variable as a URL to the API test script

if you need to get the results for each URL’s please write the same in to the same excel file.


int j= findTestData('API URL List').getRowNumbers()	
for(int i=1;i<=j;i++)
String uRL= ExcelKeywords.getCellValueByIndex(sheet1, row, column)

-----your API Script here-----
assign uRL to the script

if needed add the setCellvalue script to add the result into a new or existing workbook


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You can read external file for URL etc.

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Dear Kazuryam, I happy to see you reply ,
But How can I use this in API testing

Like I have 3 url for login api
How can I add all them in test case or test suit ?’

Individually its working fine

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  1. declare a list
  2. add the URL’s to the list
  3. iterate the result
  4. fetch the URLs assign it to the API Scripts
    execute the test script or you can add the script into a suite and execute it

Have a look at the doc