Requires API automation testing help


We are looking for the API Automation testing tool. We are evaluating Katalon studio for our API and Front end automation testing needs. How to verify multiple set of datas in katalon studio.

For example:

I have maintained the test datas in csv file and import it in katalon. I want to verify whether the test datas available in API.

Test data sample:

Course name 1
Course name 2
Course name 3

Actual REST API contains multiple set of datas including course names. I want to verify whether the expected test datas available in actual API.


as far as i can remember data files in Katalon are good for data driven testing not for data comparison.
To achieve that you would need to use external libraries to access your data files (csv/excel) read them and compare API results with your data sets.
One of such library is from apache try to look for : org.apache.poi.xssf


Could you share where you are in the setup now?

Hi Brian,

I have maintained the test datas (expected results) in Data files folder.

Object repository folder contains actual REST API i used for testing


Next i created the test case

  1. Stored the API response datas in response variable
    response = WS.sendRequest(findTestObject(‘APAC JAN TEST/APAC’))

def myvar = response

String course = myvar.getResponseBodyContent()

Scope of testing here is : Validate the course_title values from JSON response with Expected results datas which we maintained in Data files folder. I dont want to hardcode the data and locator (JSON PATH)

how about using data-driven setup as in the tutorial at

Hi @Brian_Ducson,
how do I verify the CSV file data , I added a CSV file in data files folder and retrieving the data sometimes if am not contain the data in CSV file by the time my test case gets failing