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Hey Guys,

I’m pretty new to Katalon i’m currently just using it to test the contact forms on our website we have one at the bottom of every page they are all the exact same.

Would it be possible for me to just make 1 test case, set the “Navigate to url” to something like this and have it loop through all the variables this way i won’t have to make a new test case for every page we have (25) and instead can just add the URL slug to a data file?




I have the same question


Okay i figured out how to do this so if anyone has the same question in the future follow the below.

  1. Create your test case as usual

  2. Click on the “Variables” tab on the test case and add a new one.

  3. Create a data file. Test Data > Data Type (Internal Data)

  4. Next layout the data file with the URLs you wish to cycle through.

  5. Create a Test Suite and add in what you wish to test, click on “Show data binding” button and add the “Test Data” we just created next add your Variable binding.

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Please have a look at this:

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Please find here answer to initial question: