Android Test execution issues

I have created Android Test suite with 100 test cases. I run the test suite on an actual device. Test Suite repeatedly runs first 7-8 test cases and then starts to fail rest of the test cases with error - ‘driver not found’. Anyone came across the same issue. Any solution appreciated.

Katalon version - 6.2.1
Appium - 1.13.0

I had same issue while running previous version of Katalon too


Here is the screenshot of the issue. !

I repeatedly get this issue on every execution. I run the suite with real device plugged in to the system

Hi @abirami,

Is it always the crowdDJ Selections test that fails or is it random tests that fail each time?

Could you share the test code for the Clear Playlists and Crowd DJ Selections tests?



Hi @Chris_Trevarthen,
Thanks for responding to me.I have two different test suites for two different apps. I face this issue with both the suites. Issue happens at random places so i am not sure of it something to do with code written. Please see screenshot below of another test suite fail in the same way.!!I am happy to share the code nevertheless.

Hi @abirami,

The reason I’m curious about your tests is to see if you’re starting the app and quitting the app in each one or just doing it at the test suite level. I think I read on some forums (can’t find a link now) that repeated starting and stopping of the application and device can throw Appium off and it will stop responding.

– Chris

Hi @Chris_Trevarthen
I have @BeforeTestCase steps like you said which starts and stops the application everytime. It is indeed a great suggestion. Let me change my code to modify the behaviour and see if it helps. I will keep you posted. Thanks for taking time to read and reply.

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hi @Chris_Trevarthen when i modified my code to not to uninstall the app after every test case , the issue got resolved. Thanks for your suggestion.

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