No driver found error randomly on running android tests

I am getting No driver found error very frequently. Scenario: I am executing one test case through test suite and that test case ran successfully 5 mins before. When ran again, it is giving me No driver found error. If I will run again, it may run successfully. Out of 10 time, 5-6 times it gives No driver error.
Version: 5.4.1

Hi there,

Can you post for me the full error message as well as Appium logs( \.appium ) ?

Appium.log file is blank. Seems appium server did not start till the time test case started. It’s happening on random occasions.

No driver found.JPG

So how do you execute your script? Do you execute it on Android or iOS device? The error message is displayed on ‘Start Application’ step?

I am executing it on Android device (Samsung Note8) and it seems to be intermittent issue. Sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn’t. Experiencing it more frequently after 5.4.1 upgrade.

Any solutions to this issue ?
Even I am facing the same issue and every time the test case fails to execute with ‘No driver found’ error.
I am trying to execute a test case on an existing opened page (without starting the application).