Alternatives to getting a Katalon Runtime license, to run a test suite

I have this Test Suite, that is supposed to serve as a guardrail for my project. I have long since created a GitHub Action that runs that Guardrail Test Suite. However, as I quickly found out, that GitHub Action is useless, because the API Key that I have is of the free version and my freelance client doesn’t have a paid version that I could use. They also won’t get one either…

What are some ways that I can run this guardrail test suite from GitHub without having to (shell out thousands of dollars for) a Katalon Runtime Engine license ?

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Think @kazurayam would know what your options are, if anyone.

Sorry, I don’t understand his problem.

It seems that he wants to use Katalon Runtime Engine without license. I think he can’t.

You can use some of your “Katalon Kudos” to get a 3 month, or 6 months, of Katalon Platform (and I’m not sure what all is entailed in The Platform)? If you just want KRE, then ask when you put in your form request.

Edit: So I went and looked up what The Platform was and KRE is included:


what is a guardrail project?
i suppose a comunity member of your caliber already read and understood the tips and tricks topic.
you know which one i am speaking about

I didn’t say “guardrail project”…

What I mean is that, this is a test suite to serve as a guardrail for my testing workspace… (i.e. a spreadsheet or spreadsheet handler getting corrupted/broken)

potato cartof
you get it, whitout additional info on what do you actually try to achieve and what are the limitations…

anyway, seems to be too expensive this year for the users to write comprehensive texts.
i suppose, as everything get more expensive due to various geopolitical factors, the user attempts to save the keyboards keys and the fingers integrity, to save some…

Not sure what do you mean by ‘my workspace’.
And I am not sure if I understand exactly, but looks like you have a certain Katalon test suite with the scope to check perhaps the integrity of some custom classes you wrote.
Sort of … unittests or sanity tests for your code?
And, I suppose, you would like this to run whenever you push some changes to your Git account, let’s say to validate a PR merge to the main branch?

Well, as mentioned, you cannot run a katalon test suite from command line withour KRE, which needs a licence. Not with GithubAction, or any other CI or locally or whatever.

So it depends on how your custom classes are implemented.
If those are just plain java / groovy and can be decoupled from Katalon specific imports, i suppose you can develop some unittests independent from katalon using whatever framework you may like (junit, testng, spock) so you can play running those unittests with Gradle, let’s say.

Will be tricky, because Katalon project structure it is not a standard Gradle one, but anyway you need a custom Gradle file.
So you will have to read a lot about it and figure it out how to specify your custom src and test paths. But it is achievable i guess, with a bit of effort.

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