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Hi @moises.h.lopez,

We would like to add more to Philip’s answer.

So, starting from Katalon Studio version 8.6.0 release last year, you can do that. And, just a sneak peek, this year we also have plans to improve our recorder and extend its capabilities even further.

Besides multi-level shadow DOM, are there any complex cases that you want us to support?

Hi @atul.rai,

Thank you for sharing with us about your issue.

As you are one of our paid users you could contact our Product Support team - and receive faster support - via:

  • [For our paid users] Creating a support ticket here, or
  • [For both our paid & free users] Send an email to: support@katalon.com

We hope this helps, :+1:
Albert from Katalon Community team


Thanks for the response.

The solution is not working. The xpaths which are in English is not being converted to French.