After add duplicate test cases in single test suite getting "Invalid test suite" error while execution of test suite


For one section my application I have created 9 test cases and add those test cases in one test suite, & also as per my requirement I have added again 2 of my created test cases from those 9 test cases in same test suite.

But when I clicked on run button it is showing attached “Invalid test suite” error message.

Please help me, as I want run test suite after adding duplicate test cases.

Hi Ajay_Dhurvanshi,
Pls provide more detail information about this issue? Ex: log, steps to reproduce , environment, version of KS?

Updated, Please help me


The same thing has happened for me on Katalon Studio v5.9.1. I had a test suite with several duplicate test cases and I got the “Invalid Test Suite” error message. When I removed the duplicate scripts from the test suite it ran successfully.

There are obvious benefits to running multiple iterations of a test case in a test suite. Has this bug been fixed in the latest version? If not is it a bug which is being tracked that I can periodically check the progress of?

I hope Katalon can do something to fix this, I always encountered this pop up. Btw, I’m using 5.10.1

Hi @Dennis_de_Guzman

A similar issue involving duplicate test cases with data binding was reported and fixed in our BETA release 5.10.4

Please check if this release resolves your issue !


Thanks ! Please close this issue :slightly_smiling_face: