Invalid test suite due to duplicate testSuiteGuid values

I need to create over 600 test suites, changing one data mapped column each time. To do this I wrote a python script which duplicated a manually created test suite 600 times, changing the value each iteration, to avoid having to manually do this.

However, when I go to run one of these duplicated test suites I get a “Invalid test suite” error, and the only unusual thing I found in my investigating was the testSuiteGuid is unique for different test suites manually created in Katalon. If this is the problem is there a way for me to generate valid values to include in my python script?

Context: I am using 64bit 5.6.0 release, but this was also happening in the 64bit 5.4.1 Build 1 release.

600 test suites — too many; this makes me frightened.

Rather than generating massive test suites, a single Test Case in Groovy should be able to iterate over your 600 data.

There are some other approaches. The following may interest you:
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