Katalon Studio adds duplicate test cases to test suite

Let’s say I have test case A in a test suite and I want to add test case B. When I try to add test case B, it adds test case B AND A even though I didn’t select A again. So now I have two test case As and one test case B. I can delete the duplicate test case A with no problem.

This happens each time I add a test case…it adds more and more duplicates. So let’s say I try to add test case C. It will now add Test cases A, B, and C. Now I have two test cases for A and B listed in my test suite and one C.

Hope that made sense! And that it gets fixed in next update. I am using Katalon Studio 5.10.1 in CentOS.


When you open the window to add test case B, is the checkbox still checked for A? This is what I’m seeing, which I agree would be a bug:

Round 1. New test cases A, B, and C created, and new suite. Adding ONLY test case A:


Round 2. A is already added. Now go to add B. A is still checked. Checking B as well:


I agree this is a bug. Upon opening the Test Case Browser a second time, nothing should be checked by default.


I got bit by this too. The workaround is to uncheck all the tests first, then select the one you want.

When it happened to me, my coworkers blamed me for an evil Git merge, and I believed them. :smile:

Oh you’re right. The test cases are duplicated because by default when the Add module comes up, it has all already added test cases selected. Deselecting them and then selecting on the one I want will add only the one I want.

This would of course be super tedious if I had a ton of test cases I already added in the test suite :sweat_smile: Hope a better solution is put into place.

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