Adding new Mobile device to perform Testing

i have try to add new device to perform testing then while i try to the test case facing error that device unable to found.

But i run sample testcase with new device it executed well

please assist me to solve this issue


Please select press the arrow button nearby the Play button and select Android device

Eventhough i was selected the aero near run and select android devices i am unable to see the device which i connected new.

@duyluong do i miss any setup or configuration?


You should enable usb debugging on the android device:

@duyluong i have done all these steps to connecting with Vysor as well

  1. be a Developer by tapping 7 times on Build Number
    2.Enable USB Debugging
  2. Checked Adb Devices on CMD

Please check my screen shots which i have attached here

Kindly assist me to fix this issue. thanks

@duyluong have any solution for my problem