How do i connect my android device to test the case?


I can saw my device in Mobile Object Spy and and project settings but if i click on Run << Android button. It is not running . Nothing is changed. How can i solve it?

Hi ,

I resize my window. But I try to run sample web project to check the run button. It does not run the sample project. I guess i did something wrong.


my device is got Android 6.0.

In first picture i can see my device.

In second picture i can see my device too . but i did not add any desired capabilities.

But if i click on RUN <<ANDROID there is no device list is opened also did not run the test case on current device.

Hi there,

Your test case is missing ‘Start Application’ step to start the application and then test on it. Please add 'Start Application’ step first.


Actually, your device has been retrieved but you don’t see it when you ‘Run’ the test case. Please set your current Windows font size to 100% to see ‘Devices’ list. The latest version 4.6 has addressed this issue so you don’t need to set this settings if you use Katalon Studio 4.6

Hi there,

Do you have any screenshot of its?