Add back mobile spy and recorder ability to select multiple properties for a test object

Describe the problem you have.
Katalon mobile test objects recorded from mobile recorder or spy no longer allow one to easily set multiple selection strategies:

before, a user could easily use mobile spy to capture and set what strategies to select by:

after 7.6 update a user cannot easily select what strategies to select by, have to use custom now.

Please let us know, how would your work be affected while this request has not been resolved?

  1. I can continue my job, but my performance is lower than expected

Add back the ability to record or capture a mobile object with object spy, and select what properties to select for. This was in older versions and I do not know why it was changed!

Feel free to share your thoughts with us on how this feature can be implemented.
Add a drop down object for multiple selection strategy which can leverage the table below. Also it would be nice if with the new mobile test objects that when you select a new locator strategy, the locator updates/prepopulates with what is in the object’s properties!. I do not like features changing in a way that is worse when I’m trying to advocate how easier this tool is to use than previous tools!

Hi @nathaniel.s.thompson,

After discussing with our development, we will bring the Attributes selection method as a new Locator Strategy in v7.8.0 official release.

Thanks for sharing your though and recommendation.

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