Not able to capture drop-down menu options using Mobile Object Spy

I’m trying to capture menu options of ‘Leave Type’ drop-down. But its capturing the fields on the back of menu options.

For instance, refer screenshot 2, when I try to capture menu option ‘other’, it’s capturing the field behind it (‘No. of days’, refer screenshot 1) instead.

Not able to capture the options in the drop-down menu.

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Picture 6.png

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I’m facing the Same issue. Katalon Team, please respond

Hi Mathivanan,

Could you please share some screenshots of what you’re seeing in the Mobile Object Spy similar to what Saranya shared?



@Chris Trevarthen
Thanks for your reply. Please refer the attached image. Here i am going to choose an option “Ahmedabad” by entering “a” at City text box. But unfortunately Katalon does not capture any objects(Left side) for the list of Cities displayed at the right side. Please suggest me how to handle this type of scenario.



Hello… Anybody there?

I can able to select an option by entering the complete text of which i need to select in the “City” field and tapping on the first option using (x,y) coordinates. Please suggest me if you find any other solutions. Thanks

Hi Mathivanan,

Thanks for sharing the screenshot and your workaround, which I think is a good solution considering the limitations of interacting with spinners/drop-downs.

Out of curiosity, from your screenshot of the “All Objects” tree, it looks like there are 2 TextViews within the Spinner->LinearLayout hierarchy. If you inspect those TextViews, what do they show?

Finally, I’ve been working on an open source library that you can use in your Katalon testing projects. It provides some convenience methods for working with things like drop-down menus. It might be of some help to you, specifically this part: GitHub - detroit-labs/katalon-mobile-util: Library of utilities to make mobile UI testing in Katalon Studio easier

For info on how to include third party libraries into your tests, you can see the Katalon docs:

– Chris

Any updates on this matter? My spinner’s options aren’t showing and I’m not able to tap then other than using the tapAtPosition() keyword.

Hi @jose-miguel.perez-ro

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing when you try to use Spy Mobile in Katalon? What are the properties of the drop down list that Katalon detects?

— Chris

Here it is. As you can see, the spinner is visible, but none of it’s options are. Any advise?


Hi @jose-miguel.perez-ro

Thanks for the screenshot. That is odd that the spinner contents don’t show. A few questions:

  1. Is this a native Android app or a hybrid app?
  2. When you open the spinner, did you click the “Capture Object” button again to see if it updates with the new screen contents?
  3. Sometimes the spinner contents are rendered in a new view, but not in line with the form field for the spinner - is it possible that the contents of the spinner are shown if you scroll down in the list of All Objects?


Hi Chris,

Thanks for your responses.

1- This in a native Android App as far as I understand.

2- I’ve already tried to re-Capture the objects but without seeing any relevant updates.

3- Nope, they’re not there.


Hi @jose-miguel.perez-ro,

I’ve been trying to simulate your issue, but I haven’t had any luck. Have you tried with an emulator or device running an earlier version of Android?

I remember other people having issues interacting with Android spinners in the past, so maybe this post will help:

– Chris