Manage Mobile Test Object

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Is there anyone explain to me what is the difference between Mobile Test Object and Test Object.
In the past, I used Katalon Mobile spy to record the Test Object, and it’s automatic generated to Test Object only, I felt comfortable with this type, it’s easy to use it by uncheck/ check on “detect object” column.
However, from now, after recorded, it auto generated under Mobile Test Object, and I don’t see the column “detect object” anymore.
Hope anyone help me on it, I really need a solution to complete my project right now.

Me too I have problems with the new Mobile test object… now my new object done with the spy are not working, I need to create a normal test object with the same selector I want in the attribute selector and with those normal test object (not mobile ) my code is working… it is really painful to have to create manually the object for my mobile app automation… I think I<ll keep an old version of Katalon just to be able to get my test object like I need them…