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Hello Guys @Katalon_Studio,
you said:

Create an offline license with a computer ID that can be viewed in the Katalon Studio Activation window. The computer registered with Katalon Server is added to the Registered Machines list.

  1. what if i don’t have such access to machine that will execute tests? (linux node building machines)
  2. what will be with docker? how to use licenses there?


hi @devalex88,

I am in the same problem

Thanks for your response


@Andrej_Podhajsky, @Dino For Docker containers without internet access, you will need to install an offline license server (it’s not publicly available for downloading yet). For Docker containers with internet access, please contact - pricing will be based on the maximum number of concurrent executions.


Thanks @devalex88 but they do not answer …


Sorry for that - please PM me the email address and I will remind them.



How can I use the RE on a remote jenkins machine?
I couldn’t find any information about that.
I have a Jenkins job that runs ok with KS 6.3.3, but doesn’t work win 7.x.x.
Thank you.


any code examples on using RE within Docker image??

it looks to me that Katalon started charging people before figuring out how everything will work…
very disappointing… and to not have a free way to execute tests in command line enviornment is disturbing… pretty much “Katalon Studio will stay Free” has gone trough the window since if you can create tests and cannot execute them it is pretty much useless…

Katalon Studio is sticking with frameworks that work and are free (Selenium/Appium/Cucumber) but not allowing execution of these tests for free… … very very disturbing…

I know people complained but I will do it again… adding new features and charging for them is OK… taking features that were free and claimed to be free and start charging for them is equivalent to black mail…

@devalex88 to repeat my question… any examples on how to use RE within docker container…


Hello Rasko

Not sure if this Katalon Studio Docker Image is what you are looking for. But I’ll give it a try anyway.



Hello there,
‘Currently, free license is not available for Runtime Engine.’ means even within the evaluation period we can’t evaluate Katalon Studio Engine ?


Hello @evaie

For evaluation, every Katalon account registered with a business email is eligible for a 30-day trial of Kataton Studio Enterprise and Katalon Runtime Engine.