Activate Katalon Studio


I was not able to test Katalon enterprise as I did not achieve to activate it through my proxy.

First I tried to configure proxy (as in Katalon studio) :

, but it didnt’ work when I tried to activate :

Then I tried the link “Offline activation” with my machineId, but I only received another code (4f6325blablabla) which I do not know how to use in activation form (as apparently, the form wait for a file, not for a code):

Do you have a solution for me in order to try Katalon Enterprise ?

Hi, I’ve been using Katalon Studio for free. Is this not possible with Katalon Studio 7?
It says “Please make sure your credentials are valid.” - I’m using the same credentials to login to the site

Seems like it was an issue with my VPN access/restriction. I am now using the new version:smiley:



after Katalon 7 version installation I have this problem (cannot set up integration with TestOps):

I am having the same issue.

I’m having this issue also and I’m also unable to run my test suites in Jenkins because of the update.

@aukse.zirgule @dave.horsey Please try this solution :


@jpalmer You would need Katalon RE to run test suites in CI / CD

Katalon Runtime Engine (RE) : paid engine to execute tests in CI/CD infrastructures or via the command-line interface with options to activate offline. Compatible with KS and KSE.

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thanks, I was able to connect Testops to my acc! just one more question: is this configuration still valid?
- image: katalonstudio/katalon
- checkout
- run:
name: Execute Katalon Studio
command: -browserType=“Chrome” -retry=0 -statusDelay=15 -testSuitePath=“Test Suites/AllTests”

Please add -apiKey option to the command.

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Hi, I am having the same issue. Could you please let me know what was the resolution. I have been struggling with this problem and am unable to find the root cause. I connect over VPN as well.

Just to confirm, do you now have to pay for KSE to run in Jenkins?

I reset my password on the official site and connected via a personal hotspot (or personal Wifi). Unfortunately I have not found a way to use it via the VPN, yet, other than keeping the application open when activating it first on a personal/public network (It asks for credentials on application start).

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As per @manpreet.mukkar answer above:
You have to now pay for KRE (Katalon Runtime Engine) if you use Katalon 7 which allows you to run the build commands in your CI/CD.
As far as I am aware KSE (Katalon Studio Enterprise) has extra features/tools & support for creating tests - which remains as a subscription - trial period is probably over.

We are still using KS 6.3.3 in our CI/CD as we can still run the tests - until we can justify paying for KRE. Support is said to be taken away in early 2020. Unfortunately, this means we don’t get the new Smart Wait feature in KS 7

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Thank you so much @jp.roussel. That worked for me :slight_smile:

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If you need to extend the trial please contact You can also use another work email (e.g. from colleagues).

Smart Wait is available in both editions.

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Are you referring to version 7 & version 6.3.3?

Sorry I re-read you post. I thought what you said was about KS 7 edition (as in KS vs KSE). Now it seemed that you were talking about version 6.3.3 vs 7.0.0.

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Hi Team,

I am getting Please make sure your credentials are valid. message while activating my katalon Studio version.
Please look into this and let me know how to resolve this issue. Even though i have configured proxy as well

Neeraj Srivastava


Has the issue been sorted? I have been getting the same error message while activating KS 7 version and looking for some solutions.


Hi. What is your issue?