[Academy] Inspire others with your learning journeys and win gift! ๐ŸŽ

My Lucky Number is 7.


Hi all,

Thank you very much for sharing with us all of your learning journeys on Katalon Academy thus far. We will now proceed to close this thread and start reviewing your submissions in the coming days. Stay tuned!

@neha Hi Neha, could you also attach a screenshot of the end screen of the form to your comment? Otherwise, your entry to our giveaway will not be counted. Thanks!



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Hi @darjisathishkumar, thank you for sharing your experience with us. Please tell us your lucky number so that you can get a chance to win our lucky draw gift.


My lucky number is 26.

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My lucky number is : 26.

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Hi folks, :wave:

The time has come for us to announce our three lucky draw winners who will receive a $15 Amazon US eGift Card each!

:information_source: Your lucky numbers were put into the Wheels of names and the lucky numbers of each winner were subsequently removed to determine the next winner(s).

Winner #1

Winner #2

Winner #3

Congratulations to our three lucky draw winners below!

Our team will proceed to contact you regarding the delivery of your gifts.

And donโ€™t forget, we will also announce the best stories soon. Stay tuned! :sunglasses:


Hi all,

Today, we would like to announce the individuals with the best stories as below :tada:

Over the next few days, we will be contacting each of you individually via Personal Message (PM) regarding the delivery of your prizes and how to best features your learning journeys on our platforms.

Thanks! :sunglasses:


Congratulations everyone for sharing such an inspiring story.


Hello to our winners, :wave:

We have recently sent each of you an Amazon US eGift card, please help us to check your inboxes to see whether you have received it or not.

Many thanks :+1:

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Yes , I confirm receiving it !

I received it too. Thanks.

Hi @here, :wave:

We are delighted to inform you that our Academy team have just unveiled our all-new Learnersโ€™ Stories page which features all of the winnersโ€™ success learning journeys in this thread.

You can check it out by going to the thread below: :point_down:

Thank you very much to @thao.tran, @hieu.vu and @viet.nguyen for making the Learnerโ€™s Stories page a reality!


Hi Albert,
I am getting this error while accessing the success story page.
Can you please check this one?

Instead of clicking the first link , click on the second one