6.2.1 Not Reloading ALL Plugins

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5%20Working 1%20Not%20Working

As you can see between the two versions.
I am unsure if the GMAIL Plugin needs an update before it can be reloaded.

But there is no other error messages that come up and the GMAIL Plugin CAN NOT BE used

No problem in my side, hmm. Please attach log, you can find out in Help -> Error log and full-screenshot Katalon Store Plugins (include email) @Kieran_Jackson

Hey there,

I’m now in the belief that it was a random occurrence, as I have just booted up the same.
6.1.5 and 6.2.1 and both Plugins are seen when reloading Plugins.

Safe to say, we can close this.

I have no way of getting the error log for you if I can replicate it now