Your connection is not private message when using chrome to run test cases- Katalon 7.2.1

Please help !

Looks like your cert has expired?

Hi @rajishi,
There may be many reasons for your issue. Please help to clarify:

  • Have you encountered this issue before?

  • Have you configured your system proxy to use a HTTPs proxy?

In the meantime, there is a quick and dirty way to workaround it. You may need to add --ignore-certificate-errors to Chrome options to ignore these kind of certificate errors. Try to see if that helps.

Hi huynguyen,

thank you for your response. I tried setting the chrome options under project settings. That did not fix it.
I started getting this error soon after i upgraded Katalon to version 7. I do not get this error when i try to access the url directly from chrome, Vs from Katalon.

I have not configured system proxy to user HTTPs proxy. How do i do that ?

thanks in advance.

Hi @rajishi,
Did you configure proxy in Katalon preferences? If the answer is yes, please show the screenshot of your proxy configuration

I set the following under project->settings and it worked. Thank you.

Hi, this is the one that works for me:


Project --:settings --:Desired capabilities–:WebUI–:Select Browser
acceptInsecureCerts | Boolean | true

Below video helped me.