Xray integration with Katalon

Hello, I am unable to integrate the katalon test with the JIRA(Xray). Test results from katalon are not updating on Xray. Please let me know the solution.

Did you try this:



This is what I did to post results to Jira Xray.

Like the post if you would like Katalon to support Xray integration.


While publishing the results thru cURL command on generated report XML file, we were not getting the chained testcases results updated.
For example: TESTCASE-123-124-125
After running the cURL command, only TESTCASE-123 result is getting updated in JIRA test execution ticket.We did update the Test type to Generic and updated the path by TESTCASE-123-124-125 path for all the relevant testcases.

Is there any extra step missing here to achieve the results updated for other two as well… Appreciate any help here!

Hi everyone,

Currently, Katalon doesn’t officially support integration with Xray, we will update for any news.