Jira integration required? XRAY - Update status

Sorry if this is a duplicate post; I haven’t been able to find any concrete documentation so far so any help is appreciated.

We want to do the following: run tests in Katalon that have the JIRA issue key on them and then update the test status on those issues depending on pass or fail of the test in katalon? we’re using XRAY test management for JIRA.

Can anyone help say for sure if this is possible and if so does it require the JIRA integration plugin from the store?

Thanks all!

anyone experienced something similar?

Hi Adam

Have you found any solution to update testresults in XRay tests with Katalon?

Hi Ben,

Our trial version has expired now but when we ran tests or linked results to the JIRA issue it updated the separate “Katalon test status” field on the right hand side of the page; however it did NOT update the main XRAY test status field.

Is this expected?

Katalon doesn’t have, AFAIK, a specific integration with Xray.
You may follow the following tutorial to submit results back to Xray but a deeper integration requires development from Katalon side; maybe the Katalon team can provide feedback on it (please ask them for this integration)