Wrong/Inactive credentials in Jira UI Sample Project

Hi there,
I wanted to try out this sample test suite and got this problem.
Nevermind the assertions and locators (that are trying to locate English texts, but Atlassian login page uses GeoProxy I guess) and assertions are simply not met.
Back to problem - I wanted to skip login test and try out next tests in that suite. In order to do so, I need to log in manually and here’s the problem - credentials given in the sample are invalid.
When I put demo@katalon.com as an email I’m redirected to Microsoft login page. I put in given email address once again, but the password (sPiHQ&YEa6ST`de+) seems to be incorrect.

Could you please update the account so I can follow with the tests in this suite?

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I’m having the same exact issue. I’ve seen resolved threads from 1 year ago with this same issue, so perhaps the password needs to be reset and the github Readme updated?