"Sample JIRA UI Tests Project" fails

Using Katalon Studio ver5.10.1 I tried Sample JIRA UI Tests Project. I read the README and dit as it told, but I could not get success.

I did

Setting Up

Executing a Test Case

  1. Expand the Test Cases structure, where all the test cases are stored.
  2. Select the test case you want to execute

I selected Test Cases/Simple Examples/Login Test/Test data hardcoding examples/Login with username and password specified in the test steps. When I execute it, Chrome browser started and the Loging page is displayed, and stayed still. No login action made.

Test case seems to be waiting at the line:

WebUI.waitForElementVisible(findTestObject('Test Objects/Pages/Login Page/elHeader'), 60)

I have 2 points of criticism to the sample project.

(1) creating JIRA account beforehand required?

The README sais:


What you want me to do by saying this? I do not see what. You may be implicitly require me to create an account for myself BEFORE executing a demo test case. But why you do not clearly state it in README document?

(2) no WebUI.openbrowser()

In the test case Login with username and password specified in the test steps, WebUI.openBrowser() is NOT called but actually Chrome browser window is opened. I do not understand why Chrome browser is started without calling WebUI.openBrowser().

Is it a default behavior of Katalon Studio? I did not know that. It’s a mystery to me. I would not accept this code as an sample for beginners.


Hi kazurayam, i too have same problem, chrome browser gets launched and it stays still.
I am getting an error which says - “WebUI.sendKeys(findTestObject(‘Page_Google/input_Sign in_q (2)’), Keys.chord(Keys.ENTER))” . Did u find any solution for your problem?, can u pls help me with this problem,
Thank u

Sorry, I can not.

I can not even log in into JIRA due to authentication problem; most probably I am doing something odd but I am not interested in this demo project anymore. I wonder if anybody has succeeded to use this demo.