Write inside a textarea

Hello, I’m having trouble writing inside a textarea element, because I can find it, but do not write inside the field.

HTML code:

<div id="taTextElement827436066034121" contenteditable="true" ta-bind="ta-bind" ng- model="html" class="ng-pristine ng-valid ta-bind ng-empty ng-touched"

code executes without errors, just does not write

Katalon Recorder:

Command | Target | Value

click | //[starts-with(@id,‘taTex’)][position()=1] |
setText | //
[starts-with(@id,‘taTex’)][position()=1] | test

I tried with command “type” too
I searched for a command equivalent to inner text but I did not find

Thanks for the attention

Hi. This is not a textarea, but an editable div. These kinds of elements should be best handled with Katalon Studio, not Katalon Recorder.

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Thanks for the attention

You can try to use runScript command to do it with a little bit of Javascript. It would be something like this:

document.getElementById(“taTextElement827436066034121”).innerText = “test”;

…probably - i’m not sure :smiley:.